These three reasons now speak for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Group’s shares

Dead say live longer. This proverb is also valid these days for the crypto market and the most important currency, the Bitcoin. Reasons why the rally of the Bitcoin could continue and still is better than gold (read also

In the last year crypto currencies were written off by many investors (as is so often the case with falling prices). Warren Buffett sees no particular value in the currency. But many think this will bee the payment method of the future, as mentioned at However, he is much more disturbed by the speculation that is conducted with the Bitcoin than by its existence.

In the meantime, the Bitcoin Euro exchange rate has already risen again by around 300 percent from its low in December 2018 (26.6.2018). But what led to the revival and how did the Bitcoin Group share perform in the meantime?

1 The business has developed further

Many companies have observed the rise and decline of Bitcoin over the last few years and checked whether blockchain use would be sensible for them. The result: In many cases, they have actually found useful areas of application.

However, most companies found the Bitcoin organization less successful. Above all, abuse for criminal transactions and unregulated trading places (via which price manipulations took place) disturbed not only market participants but also politicians. This is why there are currently more and more efforts to control trading. For example, the Financial Action Task Force (to which many important countries in the world belong) recently adopted guidelines to combat money laundering. Only then would Bitcoin and other crypto currencies be recognised and accepted by the masses.

2. large corporations issue their own crypto currencies

JP Morgan Chase understood the crypto currency opportunity and on the other hand the risks for the banking landscape and therefore started its own crypto currency called JPM Coin. Initially only for internal payment processing, but this could change quickly.

Many people around the world do not have a bank account, creating an enormous market for alternative forms of payment. Mobile phones and the Internet, on the other hand, are available almost everywhere. For banks, this could result in a huge loss of business if all payment flows are no longer processed via them. Therefore, the established institutions will sooner or later have to issue their own crypto currencies, which in turn will drive the demand for pioneer crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.
Stable coins offer themselves as alternative means of payment

For the broad masses and people who are more interested in the original idea (of an alternative means of payment) than in price speculation, it might be worth taking a look at so-called stable coins. These are also crypto currencies, but they are linked to the development of various currencies (such as the US dollar or the euro). The advantage is greater stability. JP Morgan Chase has attached importance to this with its coin.

Facebook also sees an enormous market and would therefore like to launch its own crypto currency on the market. And we all know how much influence the company now has. About 2.7 billion people (about 35.5 percent of the current world population) have a Facebook account. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now planning his own crypto currency, the Libra, which will also be a stable coin. This could finally establish crypto currencies due to their reach. Banks now fear for their business. They could very easily create a balance with their own crypto currencies.

3. Bitcoin Group has made good use of this time

As you can see, while Bitcoin has fallen sharply over the past year, the area has developed fundamentally. The German Bitcoin Group also benefits from all these changes. It has a big advantage over many competitors: Its marketplace will be regulated so that a solid business development can succeed.

The company used this time very sensibly and increased its number of users by 112,000 in 2018, acquired Futurum Bank (which now enables it to issue its own financial products for crypto currencies and operate ATMs for them) and introduced crypto-to-crypto trading on This makes the business more independent of Bitcoin price fluctuations. The next step is the introduction of an app for